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Mar 26, 2014

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Mar 23, 2014

The Creation of “One Day At a Time”……

Hello World!

One Day At a Time is and will be the place to share your daily life. The things that you feel are the most important to US(no matter how silly they seem)!

The reason I express this is to find a community where we can communicate and at the same time write amazing stories about our awesome or horrible day, share awesome pictures or our surroundings, and love life. This way we take thing one step, and one day at a time. There no rushing just live. Don’t stress over a headache, Stop, Breathe In & Out, think about how to solve the problem and move forward to with day.

About Me: 

My name is Javi and I love life is so much fun and there are so many things to appreciate in this Whole Wide World! I enjoy writing very much and Tumblr is the place I want to write and share my experiences with at the moment. I speak my mind and I keep an open mind to endless possibilities. I enjoy painting, drawing, dancing, watch movies, the beach is awesome, and definitely spending time with my friends. 

Moving On:

Many times I feel like writing about my life and I always have these amazing dreams that they feel so real and alive, until I wake up there it was just a figment of my imagination, a glimpse of another reality! I talk alot, so meaning I will be doing a lot of writing about really cool things. 

Want to share comics strips, photos of nature or even of that delicious ice cream you might be eating. Sure go head, amaze me with your creativity. Open your world and let us peek into your imagination. How great and fun would that be, Right? 

Well I feel that I’m babbling!!! So Keep up with my upcoming posts!! Leave a comment? Reblog my posts. Share a story with me. Tell me how wonderful your day was or is? 

Welcome To One Day At a Time!!!